• Veterans Healing Farm grows high quality fruits and vegetables on site and donate them to Veterans and their care givers free of charge. Land stewardship will also cultivate new friendships and emotional and physical health for our new Patriots' Hall of Dripping Springs Veteran community. 

  • SongwritingWith:Soldiers brings together professional songwriters who are masters in the art of collaboration.. Provides workshops with Veterans and musicians, to create songs from soldiers' personal stories of their military experience. 

  • Hives for Heroes aid those with PTSD and TBI and their families through land stewardship, bee-keeping and honey processing on site. We also aim to create and sell Patriots' Hall honey.

  • Red Arena is empowering individuals with mental or physical difficulties through horses. Patriots' Hall along with Red Arena, will offer weekend workshop/campouts on site to Veterans struggling with PTSD.

  • Veteran's Writing Project provides no-cost creative writing and songwriting workshops for veterans and their family members. We aim to provide a safe place to do it.

  • Veteran's Yoga Project provides support recovery and resilience among our veterans, families, and communities.

  • The Samaritan Center heals hearts, provides hope, and enhances lives with a holistic approach to mental health for all ages, whole families and the military community.

  • The Second Service Foundation's mission is to inspire, educate, and support military-connected business ownership in America. 

  • Texas State APCE Program is Texas State University's Adult, Professional, and Community Education Doctoral Program for continued education.

  • Combined Arms leverages technology to create a support platform for veterans and military families  so they can access the resources they need to continually thrive in their communities.

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